Take you back…do do do dooooooooooo

Allow me to take you back. I was 15 years old. Sitting in my dad’s basement…you know the story. I was on AOL and I was in a chatroom. Talking to people. It was the “Philly” chatroom, and my username was FlyrFn69. I was checking profiles, connecting with people in real-time. It was amazing.

I realized very early on that I enjoyed getting in a room and talking to people. Little did I know this meant that the room could be physical OR digital. It is the core of who I am as a person. Business and more importantly personal.

That leads us to today. I am excited to share that I am now an advisor for a company called joint. Check them out and read the TechCrunch article about them here.

AOL (no matter what you think about them now), were pioneers (Much like IRC) in bringing people together in a room to chat.

I want to take you back to that.  With joint.  Together.  And we are, and will.

There is a desktop “2 handed” experience that can’t be replicated by any other device or environment.  You see it on Facebook, you see it in other places.  That’s the teams focus.  And it’s an amazing team that I will help introduce to you.

So join us, as we take you back to the REAL chat experience, as nature intended it.

Do do do dooooooooo.

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