Sonos is NINE (9) Years Old. Win some stuff.

Why is this important to me? 

a) 9 is my favorite number, don’t ask.

b) I love music

c) I love Sonos

d) I love Sonos + Spotify

e) There is no e, but I had to put it.

Anyways. Sonos is 9 and I think it’s awesome, so here’s what they’re letting me do.

We’re giving away 9 FREE 3 month subscriptions to Spotify.  Here are the rules:

- Take a pic of yourself with your favorite album cover or acting out your favorite album cover and tweet it with the hashtag #Happy9thSonos

- We’ll choose the 9 best ones and give you a 3 month subscription to Spotify.  Free.

- We’ll pick the winners on 9/9/11

That’s it.  You can play Spotify on your iPhone, Android, Desktop, or of course SONOS!!!!!

GOOOOO! And Happy 9th SONOS!

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