Dear TSA, (don’t read this mom) FUCK YOU. #BlameTSA

If you’re offended by harsh language, read this anyways.  If you need harsh language to pay attention to something, read this anyways.

Basically, my dear friend Lori, was stopped during a TSA scan on Friday and was made to go through a very invasive screening.  Read the story here:

She had breast cancer and they wanted to feel her breasts.  Why? Because she has medical devices where her original breasts once were.  TSA? You are rat bastard shit for brains.  Yes, that is a broad generalization and I don’t know who runs the TSA.  I hold them all accountable for being disgusting waste of space pieces of garbage.

Stop reading yet? For those who didn’t, you win.  You have a heart and you’re human. 

TSA? No humanity there.

The rest who stopped reading? Glad they did, they’ll be miserable for the rest of their lives.

Look at this beautiful strong amazing woman. Lori went through SIX 4 hour Chemo treatments, still has radiation in front of her, kicked the ever loving SHIT out of Cancer, sent it back to ITS grave, and still….still, is treated like a 4th class citizen.

I want someone to step up to the TSA and say this is NOT how you treat a human being, this is NOT how you treat a paying customer.  Virgin America should step up and say this is NOT ok.  Until the airlines step in and tell the TSA to stop being such a bunch of worthless drops of piss, nothing will change.

Oh sure, don’t fly.  Oh sure, take a bus.  Whatever man.  Flying is a RIGHT.  It was as soon as the Wright brothers invented it.  This is AMERICA.  And America is losing its humanity and capability to treat people how they’d like to be treated.

I #blameTSA, and you should too.

Wake up folks, Lori could have been your sister, your mom, your gramma, your WIFE.

I love you Lori, and fuck you TSA.

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  • 3 years ago
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